15th Apr 2019

Novara Tesija & Catenacci’s attorneys Marc McDonald, Paige Gross, and Fred Livingston recently obtained a decisive no-cause jury verdict after a four-day trial. The plaintiff sought both first-party no-fault damages and non-economic damages including pain and suffering and excess wage loss arising from a motor vehicle accident in 2016. Not only did Plaintiff claim expenses related to a surgery, but the surgical center where she had the operation done also entered the case, seeking nearly $200,000.00 in exorbitant bills. At trial, Plaintiff alleged that she sustained serious injuries and asked for nearly $350,000.00 in damages for the jury.

After brief deliberations by the jury, it was concluded that the plaintiff had committed insurance fraud, resulting in the wholesale dismissal of her nearly half-million-dollar case for both PIP damages and underinsured/uninsured motorist benefits.